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How Can I be successful at College Football gaming?

Winning at college football betting takes work, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution. But some good places to start are:

Bet early in the week using discrepancies in our power ratings. Books release odds on Sunday night, and they're often way off from where they end up on gameday. Use our power ratings to get ahead of the market.

Get the best of the line. If you can find a book offering reduced juice or a book way off from the rest of the market (which you can find using our compare odds page), take advantage.

Specialize in a conference. Know one league inside and out. Keep track of injuries and personnel changes.

What is a point spread in college football betting?

Point spreads are a bet on the margin of victory. If Ohio State is -2.5 against Michigan, the Buckeyes need to win the game by 3 points or more to cover the spread -- or win the bet. If Michigan loses by 1-2 points or wins the game, anyone who bet Michigan wins their bet.

Point spreads are adjusted based on the strength of each team. OSU may be a short favorite over U of M and a 35-point favorite over an FCS team.

Explain a Total bet in college football?

The total is a wager on the combined number of points scored in a game. You're not trying to guess exactly -- just whether the total points go over or under a preset number. These bets are also called over/under bets.

Let's say the total in that Ohio State-Michigan game is 58. If the OSU wins 34-30, and you bet the over, you win because they combined for more than 58 points. If Ohio State wins 34-20, and you bet the under, you win.

Explain college football moneylines?

Any wager on the moneyline is just a bet on the winner of the game, with the odds adjusted for team strength.

American moneylines are centered entirely around winning $100. So, if Ohio State is -150 in that game against Michigan, a $150 bet on the Buckeyes would yield $100. If Michigan is +130, a $100 bet on the Wolverines would yield $130.

American odds scale up or down based on how much you want to bet, so it might be more helpful to think of them in cents instead of dollars -- $1.50 wins $1 for Ohio State, $1 wins $1.30 for Michigan. You can use an odds converter to calculate moneyline winnings.