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How Can be successful at NASCAR gaming?

Because NASCAR is a relatively small betting market, lines are softer than the major U.S. sports as oddsmakers are more apt to focus on setting sharper numbers for more heavily wagered sports. By analyzing historical data and performance, weekly practice sessions and qualifying results, gamers can find value wagering on NASCAR.

Explain NASCAR Futures Odds wagering?

Futures simply refer to which driver will win a race outright. For example, if Kurt Busch is +1000 to win the Coca Cola 600 and ends up in Victory Lane, bettors backing Busch will be paid $10 for every $1 risked.

Explain NASCAR Head-to-Head Driver Matchups games?

Head-to-head driver matchups are similar to moneyline betting in other sports. When it comes to NASCAR, oddsmakers will pit one driver against another with associated odds. The goal for bettors is to pick which of the two drivers will finish ahead of the other.

For example, assume Kurt Busch is a -125 favorite over Denny Hamlin, who is -105. Should Busch finish ahead of Hamlin, bettors will be paid $100 for every $125 risked. On the other hand, if Hamlin bests Busch, bettors backing Denny would be paid $100 for every $105 wagered.