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How to be successful in MLB gaming.

Because the MLB season is so long, successful baseball gamers can get a small edge and turn it into significant profits because of the large number of games. You can find an edge with's MLB power ratings, historically-profitable betting systems and through various props tools.

Explain how Moneylines work in MLB odds?

To make a moneyline wager you simply betting on which team will win a game outright. Everything in American moneyline odds are based on winning $100. So, if the Reds are -150 favorites against the Cubs, bettors would earn a profit of $100 for every $150 risked should Reds win.

If the Cubs close at +130 and ultimately win the game, then bettors would cash $130 for every $100 risked.

You can use an odds converter to calculate MLB moneyline winnings.

Explain a run line or point spread in MLB betting?

Point spreads, also known as runlines in MLB gaming, are bets on the final margin of victory. Let's assume the Cincinnati Reds are listed at -1.5 on the runline against the Chicago Cubs. If Cincy wins by two runs or more, Reds backers are winners.

On the other hand, if the Cubbies win the game outright or lose by exactly one run, Chicago would cover the +1.5 runline and cash for bettors.

Explain a Total bet for an MLB game?

An MLB total includes betting on how many total runs will be scored in a game. For example, if the total (also known as the over/under) for a game between the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs is set at 9.5, that means the teams would have to combine for 10 runs for over bettors to win. If the final combined score is 9 runs or fewer, under bettors would win their wagers.